Indigenous research grants

Your gift is powerful support for our Indigenous Framework for Action—a community-developed foundation for promoting and integrating Indigenous ways of knowing and being into academic scholarship.

It is you saying ‘yes’ to facilitating a future that respects, embraces and celebrates Indigenous traditions and protocols, and voices your strong support for the growing resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and worldviews.

Through your generous donation, you are standing in solidarity with the next generation of Tomorrow Makers: the Indigenous students who are acting now to advance the ongoing work of justice and healing, and contribute to repairing the effects of oppression.

RRU alumni know that empowering engaged and innovative leaders to tackle world-changing issues is at the heart of our mission. The Tomorrow Makers campaign supports emerging Indigenous scholars as they undertake major projects along their educational journey.

The need for Indigenous research—led by Indigenous researchers using culturally-informed protocols and respect for Indigenous practices, beliefs and traditions—is urgent. Your direct support for Indigenous research grants creates an exciting opportunity to help improve the lives of Indigenous leaders working to improve the world.