Indigenous student success

The Tomorrow Makers campaign helps make it possible for Indigenous students to say ‘yes’ to learning and leadership through financial support during their educational journey and meaningful awards and recognition when they excel in their academic efforts.

By providing practical help for students in tough times—with aid for tuition, rent, groceries, or educational equipment—or by creating opportunities for students to stay connected with their home communities for cultural or family events during their time away—your gift lets more Indigenous learners experience the unique Royal Roads blend of scholarship, mentorship, opportunity and community that helped you achieve your own personal and professional goals.

Your gift also directly acknowledges and rewards the outstanding scholarship which distinguishes our most exceptional learners, like some of the people profiled in our stories.

We’re asking you to say yes, to reach out to future RRU alumni as they tackle complex issues like climate change, economic sustainability and reconciliation. They know, and you know, that these issues can’t wait.

Tomorrow arrives every day. And our Tomorrow Makers need your help today to become the creative, caring leaders with the courage to transform the world.