Tomorrow is a gift

Support a Tomorrow Maker, be a Tomorrow Maker

You know the power of this place. The strength that comes from being grounded in a community, in nature, and in a shared goal.

In every life, it takes time to find your voice, to recognize it and to learn to use it—to be heard and to hear others. Your time at Royal Roads helped you to do that.

With your voice, you’re able to share your story—what’s important to you and why when that connects you to others, and how that shapes your unique perspective and your goals to make a difference.

Your gift is how you help to create Tomorrow. Personally. Professionally. Tomorrow arrives every single day. It calls us to be grateful for the generations that came before us and those that will follow.

Being a Tomorrow Maker

Each of us can be a Tomorrow Maker, not only in the way we engage within our communities but also in the way we support, recognize and value the work of others. The Tomorrow Makers invites you to recognize and celebrate the incredible difference Indigenous students are making in the world. Empowered, community-minded and innovative—these leaders are tackling climate change, sustainability and community development for this generation and into the future.

Your alumni gift is a powerful way to support these newest leaders. They need your help to experience the life-changing education you remember and take the power of this place, every place. They need you to help connect the past and future generations. To think boldly about the leadership, gratitude and understanding we need today and will need tomorrow.

Your gift to The Tomorrow Makers will support creating change together in two important ways:

  • Indigenous student success: invest in tomorrow’s leaders by recognizing top-quality work or providing financial aid where and when it’s needed.
  • Indigenous research grants: facilitate meaningful, real-time research that respects and applies Indigenous protocols and traditions and restores Indigenous ways of knowing.

Thank you for sharing your voice. Your story. Your gift.

Blue heron artwork. Credit: Butch Dick